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Peluche segua leyenda costarricense NOMELLAMO
Peluche segua leyenda costarricense NOMELLAMO

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The follower was a charming woman, but very lonely and something furious, with horse face and princess dresses. Instead of staying sleeping in her's house, she preferred to walk under the stars and lull the moon with the golden voice of her.

Many times she on her walk was over, and drunk men who believed that she could be her girlfriend, but the only thing she wanted was to scare them by making them an ugly face. He followed her always taught her the huge teeth of her, as if she really wanted to bite them, and then the men fled unfavorious, repentant of being so wicked.

He follows her nomellamo. Do not bite on the cheek, but it is reminded you to give kissing kisses to your loved ones. She is harshly beautiful and she will love your hugs.

Characteristics follows nomellam:

  • Costa Rican design. Handmade teddy.
  • Materials: Faux Fur, Minky Polyester Jacquard and Polifill filling.
  • We use different textiles, to achieve each unique color combination.
  • Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 12 cm.
  • By our nature, each nomellamo, can vary its colors and combinations. It is an essential part of what we are.
  • Care: Handwash with water and soap or washing machine inside a soft cycle bag

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