NOMELLAMO: Workshop of Monsters and Experiments made with love in Costa Rica

Being different and unique is what makes us special!

Two stuffed animals nomellam in a design festival in Costa Rica

In our laboratory of monsters and experiments, the NOMELLAMO appear, adorable creatures, full of intensity, color, texture and peculiarities that exalt the personality and tenderness that characterizes us.

We take different forms and feel comfortable in many environments. In nature, we love all colors and all styles. We are fun, diverse, creative and original.

We want to be part of your family! We want to have fun, we want to accompany you to learn and inspire you to create. We appreciate the unique qualities that each of us has to build a better, more inclusive, authentic, diverse and original world. A world where we all have a space to be ourselves

We are made in Costa Rica by women heads of households who, thanks to their careful artisan work, give us life with great affection. For many of them, our workshop is their main family income. We all support each other and work hard as a team, to continue being a stable source of work for so many beautiful people.

We are the NOMELLAMO family! A bizarre, but ultimately lovable family, honest and growing each day.

Each Nomellamo is eager to go out into the world to build their own story with you.

"It all started as an experiment! The birth of the first NOMELLAMO was a magical moment of absolute surrender to creativity and living in the moment. His mission was important: It would be a very special gift for someone I love very much.

Over time, I became a kind of medium between the world of the NOMELLAMO and mine, where they were appearing, multiplying and taking their space. I just help them do it. Thus was born NOMELLAMO ".

Lina Rodríguez - Designer

Sketch Nomellam