Would you like us to create an adorable and professionally designed character for your project, your business or simply for your personal enjoyment?

At NOMELLAMO we help you make your visions into reality!
We offer prototyping, mascot design and conceptual proposal all the way to the final production.
Ever since life popped into our beautiful monster like friends, we have created many wonderful creatures for multiple projects and yours can certainly become a part of our colorful and eclectic family.
Contact us:, we will gladly provide you with more information.
Our family out there:

Monsters for Little Monsters

Costa Rican fauna soft toys for the #stopanimalselfies campaign

Monkey and gorilla stuffed toy for Monkey Studio

Lola cat and Nosara mermaid plush toy for

Deer plush for Hotel Andaz

Henry sloth plush toy by

Quirós Tanzi Foundation Browser Plush