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Lina Rodriguez, designer NOMELLAMO

Hello! I'm Lina, designer, mom of two girls, a puppy and all the monstrous creatures NOMELLAMO.

This project was born a long time ago and I can say it's my eldest son.  NOMELLAMO has been my school, as an entrepreneur, as a designer and even as a client. From this perspective, I value craftsmanship and promotion to the extent of my possibilities, local consumption.

For me, every NOMELLAMO creature is born with a very important mission. I am a faithful believer that we can build a better world: if we learn to value our differences and particularities, if we embrace them rather than judge them, and if we foster from childhood, love for what makes us unique. As I think from the game we learn better, through NOMELLAMO I like to teach this great value to the little ones and the not so small.

I love that NOMELLAMO speak of their place of origin, Costa Rica! We live in a country privileged for its natural wealth and I love to support causes for nature through this project. Also, I like to capture our culture and make it accessible to the little ones.

What I enjoy most about my work, is that it always challenges me to something new, it is very spacious and versatile. I am passionate about being able to help companies and people develop their ideas.

The workshop NOMELLAMO it becomes my laboratory, where I like to create things out of pure enjoyment, often I do them for the simple delight of doing, beyond a commercial purpose.

I have a lot of fun in the creation process, which has evolved and now includes gaming sessions with my daughters. Many of the things we create in the workshop respond to my needs as a mom.

For me, being a mom has greatly influenced the way I design, it has aroused my interest in learning more about childhood, about its times, the different approaches that have a much more respectful look with children, such as Reggio Emilia and Montessori. I learn every day and look forward to seeing that loving and respectful look in what I do.

I hope you really enjoy this family of tropical monsters and that you take a little piece of the affection with which we create each NOMELLAMO.

Lina Rodriguez designer of NOMELLAMO Costa Rica