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One night in a workshop full of buttons, threads, needles and colorful fabrics, almost magically, a NOMELLAMO was born.
The creature first looked at this world with its cool eyes and clumsy head in a constant struggle against gravity until it stood firm. In a somewhat strange gesture he had a small, red-hearted heart appear in his hands and quickly checking the chaotic workshop found a bagpipe with which he hung it in his chest to continue examining in amazement and a little scare what would become his new home.
Between gestures, signs and grimaces we managed to understand each other, the days passed, and NOMELLAMO naturally became familiar to the workshop. One day dignified between scraps and drawers of messy tools, he found colored pencils, paints and paper that captured him for hours. Drawing and drawing he made portraits of me, of the two together, of my world according to his eyes, of his particular family from which he came and of that indescribable bridge that brought us together.
As he could portrayed incredible places, magical, flying, underground and terrestrial beings, those that usually inhabit children's heads. A parallel world with its own time and colors, a world inhabited by creatures as diverse as funny and tender, a place full of joy... of chaotic joy.
My NOMELLAMO became my inseparable companion, my pet and confidante. We are now a workshop of monsters and experiments, led by that first little adventurer.
With your help and your guide we were bringing more NOMELLAMOS, everyone arrives eager to get to know this world and its tenants. I confess that a piece of me leaves every time I see them arrive, grow and find their own destiny; and even if I wish I could leave them all to me, I know I can't be so selfish. There is always someone else whom a NOMELLAMO can make happy with their antics and occurrences... many more.