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Wow, what year!

Here we are already on the final stretch of this historical year and it seemed appropriate to tell you a little about how this 2020 was for nomellam.

What painted as a normal year in January, was disconfigured in March. Slowly we stayed with boxes of orders that were canceling us one by one.

This was the first week of pandemic.

I was 7 months pregnant and I thought I was not a pause.

It was entertained to read the memes, very shocking to see the world to transform, see us all locking up.

My pause took a week. When I thought I was going to leave my girls without work, I filled with anguish, the truth is that one has a huge commitment to the people with whom he works and know that if he did not take a job there is no other income is a frightful feeling. In addition, Nomellamo has monthly responsibilities that can not be dodged.

In a friend chat, one of them asked if we knew some seamstress that could make 10 thousand covers. Initially I did not give much importance, but already thinking that she did not have a job (not for me or for my team) I wrote and asked him if she still needed help.

Thus, the team was born #OLDLIVESMATTER, my friend (Gaby) in Washington, the friend of my friend (Ale) in Sweden and I started to shape the ALE project: Fashion the covers here in Costa Rica. By the way, this person took out a significant amount of money from her pocket solely to try to become aware of the importance of using covers. How many people are committed in this way with a cause?

Not to make the story very long ... we started with ALE, then with companies and without realizing it ended up doing 25,000 covers in 3 months!

I can not explain the level of madness that it was ... bizarre too and above all stressful.

Until Alicia was born.

And that was the mandatory pause.

It was really beautiful to take 3 months of maternity leave, without a pandemic, probably would not have stopped, as I did with my first daughter Julia.

I just returned in September to work, now, recurring inspiring, artistic and fun projects with nomellam ... The story of the covers now I feel it was as 3 lives ago.

When I think about everything we spent nomellamo to survive, it is inevitable to think of all other people I know they have projects, ventures and small businesses.

We all have had to do miracles, transform us, adapt, endure.

Whether I can gift Costa Rican design, I prefer handmade productions, until I checked in the supermarket if what I'm going to buy is done in Costa Rica.

So when we meet the recommendation of: Buy Local, think about the history of those who produce what we buy. It is really important to ask ourselves today more than ever what (and who) is behind what we consume. Fixed will be a history of resilience, of those that inspire.

I say goodbye first by giving thanks to those, they continue to support us by buying nomellaum and also with a request: we support, let's promote and enjoy all the cute and how rich it is done in Costa Rica.