One night in a workshop full of buttons, threads, needles and colored fabrics, almost magically, a NOMELLAMO was born.

The creature looked at this world for the first time with his crooked eyes and his clumsy head. In a constant fight against gravity, he managed to hold it steady and pop into a new and funny looking type of life. In a somewhat strange gesture he made a small-patched heart appear in his hands and quickly browsing through the chaotic workshop he found a safety pin and used it to hang the little squishy heart on to his chest. He kept admiring with curious eyes the place that would become his new home.

Between gestures, signs and grimaces we managed to understand each other. The days passed, and NOMELLAMO naturally became familiar with the workshop. Digging through scraps and messy tool drawers, one day he found colored pencils, paints and paper that captured him for hours. Drawing and drawing he made portraits of me, of the two of us together, of my world according to his eyes, of his peculiar family where he came from and of that indescribable bridge that united us.

As he could, he portrayed incredible places, magical flying beings, underground and terrestrial funny characters, those that usually inhabit the wonderful imagination of children. A parallel world with its own time and its own colors, a world occupied by creatures diverse and tender, a place full of joy… chaotic and amusing joy.

My NOMELLAMO became my inseparable companion, my pet and confidant. Now we are a workshop of monsters and experiments, headed by that first little adventurer.

With his help and his guidance, we brought more NOMELLAMOS, each one of them more eager to know this world and its tenants.I confess that a piece of me feels a little sorrow when I see them grow and find their own destiny; even if I wanted to keep them all, I can’t, for there is always someone out there that can for sure find lots of happiness in the company of our adorable creatures.